New Act On The Roster – The Palace

We are pleased to announce a brand new duo to our roster. The name of the group is called The Palace and consists of producer Apricut and rapper J-Spliff. At the moment they are finishing their debut release, that is set to drop sometime in early 2016. But to introduce you properly we are happy to present to you the first single and video for the track “Statues”.

Also available on itunes and spoitfy

SOUNDesc Interview in Bitchslap Magazine


Bitchslap Magazine recently put out their 20th issue. The founding fathers of SOUNDesc got interviewed by Fergus Murphey about beat culture in Denmark and much more. Find it in selected shops around Denmark and Europe.

New Act On The Roster – Jagan Mai


The only 17 year old Gustav Berntsen is the artist behind the moniker Jagan Mai and is the latest addition to our roster. Earlier this year he released his debut EP ’’Clouds’’ on Bad Panda Records. It was well received by, Andrew Jervis (Ubiquity) among others, who featured it on his weekly Bandcamp radio show two weeks in a row.

Once again its Guillermo Cassanova on the cover art! Mastering by Rewolmer

Listen/Download  “Your Touch” (FREE)

“Mana Pool” is out on the November 11th at (itunes, etc. to follow)

Roskilde Festival 2013 Photo Recap

We were so lucky to have 3 artists playing at this years Roskilde Festival that took place last week. Here is a bunch of pictures from the 3 shows with Rewolmer, Felix De Luca and Bwoy De Bhajan.

All photos by Anthon P. Nymark

Bwoy De Bhajan “2032” – Out Now


Behind the moniker Bwoy De Bhajan we find the young up and coming producer Søren Thygesen. His debut Ep “2032” takes the listener on a journey through a universe of twisted beats and tribal rhythms mixed with lo-fi synths. Despite his only 18 years on this planet, Bwoy De Bhajan got a more detalied sound scape than we find in the work of many of his elder colleagues and we see a great future coming his way.

The release is available now as a pay-what-you-like download below via Bandcamp:

The EP also features remixes by I Kicked A Cloud Once, Zack Christ and Iller The Abstract Giraffe. Get these by downloading the entire EP.

Also available on itunes, Wimp and Spotify.!

2032: Release Date, Tracklist, Cover + Free Download Of “Global Aztec Civilization”


We can now announce that the debut release “2032″ from producer Bwoy De Bhajan will be released digital on May 20th. You can now check out the cover art, done by graphic artist Guillermo Casanova (Giraffage, xxyyxx), and the full EP tracklist and credit info  below. You can now  also download the first EP track “Global Aztec Civilization” via our soundcloud (100 free Downloads).

1. A Bwoy´s Mind
2. Global Aztec Civilization
3. Flying Gnomes Invading A French Village
4. Temple Monkeys On The Run
5. Mysterious Moon Village
6. Global Aztec Civilization (Iller The Abstract Giraffe Remix)
7. Mysterious Moon Village (Zack Christ Remix)
8. Temple Monkeys On The Run (I Kicked A Cloud Once Remix)

All tracks produced, mixed and mastered by Bwoy De Bhajan.
2032 will be available on May 20th via our Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify and Wimp.

New Act On The Roster – Bwoy De Bhajan


In the past couple of years a string of young artists have emerged from the danish beatscene with their own distinct sound. One of them, is the 18 year old producer Søren Thygesen, also know as Bwoy De Bhajan. In the past year his tracks have been featured on numerous compilations world wide and lately he have released a string of incredible remixes. In may we will be dropping his debut EP entitled 2032, that will also feature remixes by Zack Christ, Iller The Abstract Giraffe and I Kicked A Cloud Once. We are very happy to welcome him to our ever growing roster and to celebrate this we got at free download of his latest remix of the track “Bad Kinda Good” by Felix De Luca featuring Barbara Moleko.

The Rebirth Of An Artist – Out Now


After earning massive recognition and critical acclaim in his native country of Denmark, the 26 year old mc, Felix De Luca is now ready to release his debut EP to the world.

”The Rebirth Of An Artist” takes the listener on a journey through Felix De Luca´s trippy universe of weed, women, sneakers & Danish design.. A sound escape into the mind of an artist with a mission to show the world, that Denmark is more than just hot women and cold weather. As you might now the EP is produced by Denmarks best kept secret, Don´t Ax and Co-produced by Es. The features include Danish soul sensation Barbara Moleko as well as Denmarks Grime pioneer Benny Jamz.

The EP is now available as a pay-what-you-like download via bandcamp (enter 0 for free DL)

The release is also available for stream/download on spotify, itunes + more

The Rebirth Of An Artist: Tracklist And Cover


On March 4th we take a new direction with the label and will release the debut EP from Felix De Luca. The release will be available as a free DL and will feature both Barbara Moleko of XOB and Benny Jamz of the B.O.C crew. Now you can check out the cover and track list for the entire release below + production credits.

1. Where It Is

2. Everything Is Camouflage (extended version)

3. Bad Kinda Good feat Barbara Moleko

4. Ashes To Ashes feat. Benny Jamz

5. Ass So Fat

6. Rollin’

All Tracks produced by Don´t Ax Co-Produced by ES at Graven Studio

Felix De Luca “Rollin” (Video)

Yesterday we proudly presented the arrival of Felix De Luca to the roster. Now you can check out the video for the first single, “Rollin”. The video is a sonic description of chasing that perfect high, in search of achieving a limbo-like mind state between life and death. This druggy and dreamy song is nothing less than one of many indications of the quality on “The Rebirth Of An Artist”

You can also check out the video on youtube right HERE