Lotte Rose

Lotte Rose is an artist out of the tiny country of Denmark. Digitalizing nature sounds she makes sugary and salty sound scapes, coloring them with airy and determined vocals. She is somewhat a one-woman army writing, recording and mixing tracks herself. Galvanizing the head, the heart and the feet, Lotte
Rose produces what she calls dustified electro.

She grew up in a small town with a daily doze of nature from wide-open fields, dense woods to the sea right at her hand. Humming with the trees is a huge cliché and exactly what Lotte Rose did. Her father, an all-round musician playing everything from the fiddle to the washboard, quickly taught her, that instruments are everywhere in everything. It was quite late in her childhood or even early adulthood the digital world unfolded itself to her. She got deeply smitten by computer realms and their endless opportunities. There was an immediate desire to unify the two worlds.



3 Comments on “Lotte Rose”

  1. […] this coming Thursday to April 14th, Lotte Rose will be presenting a new sound installation at the IMT Gallery in London for the exhibition called […]

  2. […] Thursday Lotte Rose will be presenting her her first solo exhibition at the IMT Gallery in London. The exhibition […]

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