Felix De Luca


Felix De Luca formerly known as Verb ink has been one of the most respected emcees in Denmark by both fans and colleagues. Having gained critical acclaim from his numerous guest-appearances and sporadically released video singles, 
the 26 year old Copenhagen native is now ready to embrace the scene with his debut solo EP “The Rebirth Of An Artist”.

Alongside longtime friend and beatmaker Aksel Toft aka Don´t Ax as well as producer ES on co-production, they treat the listener to a unique sound escape into the world of the
 self entitled “Starvin Artist”.

There’s no question that Felix De Luca cements the new standard of Danish Hip-Hop, and is reaching to be, one of the most interesting names on the European scene. With great potential to capture international attention, we’re ready to launch the career of this multifaceted modern day hip hop artist.


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Interview at FOURTHOUSAND.com


2 Comments on “Felix De Luca”

  1. […] Kan også fortælle at EP’en kommer til, at have en gæste optræden fra den danske rapper Felix De Luca så hold øje derude. Nyd de lækre toner, og må i alle få en fantastisk […]

  2. […] Rebirth Of An Artist está publicado por el sello danés SOUNDesc, y puedes descargarlo en este enlace: […]

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