SOUNDesc is an independent label and line of events celebrating music since 2009.
We focus on bringing something new to the music scene and hope to challenge the
“popular” music that seems to be inflating our venues and radio stations today. Since
the first show in 2009, the main goal has been to expose new and forward-thinking
music to the people and to create a space for artists who want to push the limits of
music and growth in culture.

The label was launched in December 2010, with the debut EP by the (then) Dubstep-
influenced artist, Vebak aka. Filip Ja. Since then we have worked with a range of
different genres with the live show bookings and the artists we release. From dusty-
misty nature inspired Lotte Rose, to Head-banging / neck-breaking electronic
virtuous Eloq – we like it raw and beautiful.

We find it important and fun to re-do and innovate something that’s on the constant
run – how we perceive music.

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  1. […] Download Mana Pool EP for free here, courtesy of Danish label SOUNDesc. […]

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